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Laminated Floor

Original Series 8mm AC4

Brenwood uses only top quality High-Density Fiberboard from premium suppliers in the tropical region that produce tropical wood HDF

The key advantages of tropical wood HDF are good stability performance in tropical climate, higher resistance to water absorption, higher resistance to termite infestation

The emission classes denote the amount of formaldehyde released from wood-based materials. This distinction is made between classes E1, E2, and E3, with the class E0 having the lowest amount of emission in accordance to EN120 standard ALL BRENWOOD laminate floorboards are in the classification of E2 and below.

Dimension : 8mm x 195mm x 1215mm
AC Rating : AC4
1 Carton : 8 panels / 20.45sqft

Colour code

BW-90399 Pastis Allover

BW-91002 Wein Oak Allover

BW-91034 Beaumont Oak Allover

BW-91064 Relief Oak

BW-93045 Bohemian Oak

BW-93054 Mountain Maple

BW-93072 Ivory Teak

BW-93075 Semerang Teak

BW-98703 Burlington Oak

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