Brenwood Laminate Floorboard

Brenwood laminate flooring is made up of four important components:-

    The overlay (wear layer) made up of melamine resin and aluminum oxide provides
    outstanding durability in protection and stain resistance to the top layer of the laminate
    Wide ranges of European Standard decorative paper with innovative and highly authentic
    wood reproduction provide the flooring with its individual appearance.
    HDF (High Density Fibreboard) produced by using tropical hardwood is used as the core
    material of the flooring to support overlay film and decorative paper. The HDF used is
    with high moisture resistance in compliance to HMR grade.
    The stabilizing film made up of the bottom layer of laminate flooring lends dimensional
    stability to the planks and helps guard against moisture from below.


Certification & Warranties

AC Ratings:

AC ratings is a measure of the overall durability and strength of the laminate floor. The laminate floor is tested for its resistance to:

  • Burns – The burn testing for laminate flooring includes minor burns, such as those from a cigarette, to open flame burns.
  • Scratches – Sometimes referred to as abrasions, laminate flooring is tested for how well it stands up to scratches from items like furniture legs.
  • Impact – This is a measurement of how it resists dents and dings when something is dropped on the flooring.
  • Moisture – Moisture resistance testing is performed in order to determine how the floor responds to anything from small spills to standing water.

AC Ratings Classification:

  • AC1 – Laminate flooring with an AC1 rating is perfect for areas of low traffic. Manufactures often used bedrooms as an example of a low-traffic area. Other areas that are suitable for AC1 rated flooring are rooms that are used infrequently in your home and are therefore not subject to heavy foot traffic.
  • AC2 – AC2 rated laminate flooring is great for those areas in your home that experience light to medium foot traffic like living and dining rooms.
  • AC3 – Laminate flooring with an AC3 rating is probably the most versatile flooring for your home. Flooring with an AC3 rating will stand up to foot traffic and daily abuse in all areas of your home from hallways to busy family rooms. It is also suitable for areas of light commercial use such as a small office.
  • AC4 – Perfect for commercial use in busy stores, shops and offices.
  • AC5 – AC5 is the highest laminate floor rating and is durable enough to withstand the abuse of heavy foot traffic in commercial properties.